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The Cock Ring Revival November 13, 2007

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Celtic - Cock ring by Gear essentialsAround 1200 AD came the invention of the cock ring. The first documented rings were made in China from the eyelids of goats with eyelashes intact. The flexible eyelid was tied around a man’s erection and the hardened lashes increased the pleasures of intercourse. By 1600, cock rings were made of ivory that was often elaborately carved to depict dragons. Some rings even sported a nub on the dragon’s tongue that could be used on the woman’s clitoris.

Then and now, a cock ring is often used to make an erect penis harder and bigger and to keep it that way for a longer amount of time as a way to delay and heighten orgasm. Cock rings work by constricting blood flow and keeping blood in the shaft of the penis. When the wearer finally ejaculates the sensation is more intense since it took a longer time to cum and because the penis is filled with additional blood.

When we first started cock rings in our bedroom there was a great debate. My husband insisted he was too young, that he didn’t need help with his erections, but I persisted that it was for my enjoyment rather than his because he was always so quick to cum. Though we never went to the extreme of finding cock rings made out of a goat’s eyelid our first one was The Cock Ring and Egg by Pipedream. It’s made out of a pink silicone that has a max stretch diameter of 3”. The best thing about it is that it’s not just a cock ring but a couple’s ring, including a vibrating bullet for my enjoyment as well. I can’t cum from straight sex, I definitely need some clitoral stimulation and this ring helped bring me to the big O every time.

We have an insane variety of cock rings now. My husband has some he uses just on his scrotum, some he uses just on his cock, and others he uses on both like the Tie Your Own Cock Ring by Doc Johnson. It stretches to almost 12 feet so no doubt it will fit any sized penis, but it also has a great glow in the dark novelty factor too. It’s made out of incredibly soft UR3 which is a favorite of ours, but unfortunately it can’t be used with silicone-based lubricants because they can melt the material. Yikes!

We’ve tried so many types in our bedroom and just recently my husband has made the switch to the Fury Brushed cock ring by Gear Essentials. It’s a gorgeous hypo-allergenic stainless steel ring that weighs about a pound. I like it so much better than the other rubber, leather, and jelly rings we have. So far it’s been the best at prolonging his erection and frankly, it looks the sexiest. While it doesn’t have a bullet included for me it’s still my favorite. Browsing around on EF there are even newer cock rings than the Fury that have spectacular engravings reflecting their rich roots.

There are so many types of rings to fit every taste. Some that include wireless bullets, others that include battery packs on foot long cords, some that include nubs, some that include double rings for both your cock and balls, some that you can tie, some that are loops, some with anal stimulation, and some that even have neck straps. Whether it’s for his pleasure or her’s they enhance the sexual experience and add a new element that’s sure to win over any raging hard on lover!

References: Freddy and Eddy

Silicone cock sling | Cock ring by Tantus Elite 7X - Cock ring by California Exotic Cock ring and egg by Pipedream


Doggy Style November 9, 2007

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Have you ever been embarrassed or bothered by the all-too-aroused antics of man’s best friend? Well, you can rest easily thanks to a few French designers who have come up with a way to please your pup that doesn’t involve your guest’s leg. I give you the Hotdoll, a sex toy for.. you guessed it.. hot dogs! And you thought humans had all the fun!


Ansley Agnello


The Classics Never Die November 6, 2007

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Ben wa balls | Vaginal balls by PipedreamAround 500 AD came the invention of Ben Wa balls, also known as Burmese bells or Geisha balls. They started out being used as a single ball intended to be pleasurable for men during intercourse. Some balls were solid while others were hollow with clappers or chimes that made a ringing sound as they moved around inside the vagina. Eventually the single ball evolved to two and was used by women to increase the strength of their pelvic floor muscles, much like Kegel exercises are used today.

I’ve used my Ben Wa balls multiple times when I’ve had sex with my husband. They add a little extra something that always seems to enhance the sexual experience. For a Ben Wa novice they’re simple to use, you just pop them in and squeeze them out. When using them for the first time have your partner slide them in partially with their fingers, then grab the base of their cock and guide them inside of you to thrust the balls in the rest of the way. It’s a little funky at first because not only do you have his cock inside of you but you have something rolling around inside of you. He’ll notice the difference too, a couple times my husband said they pinched him but for the most part he’s gotten a kick out of knowing he’s played pinball by bouncing these around in my vagina. A few times I’ve felt them clink together and create a subtle vibration that rings against my vaginal walls, but they mostly like to separate and groove around inside of me. However, the rougher the sex the better the chance of the balls hitting against your cervix. If you have a sensitive cervix be sure to take things slow because you want more Ahhh’s than aches!

To get even more use out of your Ben Wa balls they’re nonporous so you can wear them around all day doing the most mundane of tasks and not worry about them absorbing bacteria. Although, for first time users I don’t recommend leaving the house with them inside of you to run errands. The smaller the balls and the less toned your PC muscles are you run of the risk of them coming out and rolling down your leg if you cough or sneeze too hard. If you trust that you won’t find yourself in an embarrassing situation than by all means make the most out of your balls! Er… 😉

Though I cry bunk on their strengthening skills there are a plethora of vaginal exercisers that when used correctly create phenomenal results. I’ve found a love for the Kegelcisor Enhansor and after a few weeks of use I feel stronger and I’m able to squeeze harder and longer around my husband whenever we’re rolling around in bed. If you want to give your balls a go, slide them in with two fingers and clamp your muscles down on them. If you can’t feel them inside of you opt for bigger balls or two balls that are fused together like Smart Balls or Royal Balls . The best way to work your muscles is to stand up and put one leg on a chair and try your best to keep those babies in, it’s a real test of patience and strength!

It’s amazing how something so small created so long ago is still used today. We may have modified the original design using new textures like silicone, plastic, lucite, and various others but we’ve stuck true to the Ben Wa ball’s intention; better sex!



When “faking it” is a good thing: Vixskin Dildos November 2, 2007

Realistically shaped silicone dildo with harness compatible base.

I have a strange affinity for dildos; it’s not a penis envy thing, it’s simply a fascination and love of sexual craftsmanship.

Most people know that I always recommend 100% medical-grade silicone over just about any material on the market. What you may not know is that my favorite kind of med-grade silicone is called Vixskin; a squishy, skin-like material made by Vixen Creations.



Holiday From Inhibition

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons. For one, it’s an excuse to get drunk in a sort of pre-holiday practice run. Second, and more importantly, it provides women with a valid reason for wearing (or should I say NOT wearing) anything they want. Seriously, where do some of these outfits come from? (more…)