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Review Roundup! March 19, 2008

Yee haw out there in sex-land, this is Shazam coming to you wearing cowboy chaps and a forward tipped cowboy hat (can you see me winking at you from underneath the dusty brim?) to deliver a great big helping of fun and fascinating reviews recently published on edenfantasys.com.

1. This one comes from Chris, and I could barely stay up on my horse when I read it, I was laughing so hard! Click here to read about her adventures with the Voice Activated Slim and Sultry–a vibe that talks back…and won’t shut up.

 2. Next we have a review by Francis Gray for A Pumper’s Handbook. Read his comments on “small penis syndrome” by clicking here.

3. Of course, we all like to hear a good horror story, and reviewer Astrea got into a bit of a panic when reviewing the Pink Pleasure Balls. Click here to read what happened to her in a busy women’s restroom.

 Enjoy! Yeeeaahhh doggies!