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Sex Toys to Compliment the Top 10 Lesbian Sex Acts April 1, 2008

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I questioned girls from all over the world, with one thing in common – they all like having sex with other girls. I arrived at a list of 10 favourite lesbian sex acts and had a hunt for the perfect toys to compliment them.

1. Kissing

KissingSome people might not consider kissing to be a sex act but not the women I spoke to, who voted it their number 1. The beauty of kissing is that you can make it as casual or as intimate as you like. There are a variety of lip balms (e.g. The Honey Orange Kissing Balm) which claim to enhance the experience but personally, I think kissing is perfect, just the way it is.

2. Oral Sex

Whether it’s on its own, 69ing or combining oral sex with other sex acts, one thing’s for sure and that’s that we can’t get enough of it. You have to wonder whether there’s anything that can be done to improve something so divine. Well there certainly is! What’s better than eating out a girlfriend? Eating out a girlfriend covered in chocolate! You could splash out $16.99 on Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint (complete with tickly brush) but I recommend you pop to your local supermarket and pickup a much better value, jar of Nutella – soften for a few seconds in the microwave and apply with a finger.

3. Fingering

FingeringPerhaps one of the reasons we love fingering is its simplicity, scope for spontaneity and the sense of intimacy created by skin-on-skin contact. However that doesn’t mean we should turn our nose up at toys which can vary the experience. One option is the tantrabeam which makes your finger vibrate for that added vroom. You could also experiment with a variety of textures using silicone finger sleeves.

4. Breast Stimulation

Whilst most lesbians love having our breasts and nipples gently caressed, many of the products geared towards tits look intimidating and fierce, for example breast pumps and nipple clamps but very few of the lesbians we spoke to were keen to try either.

5. Sex with a vibrating toy

Now we’re getting to an area where sex toys can really have an impact. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes and in almost any colour or texture. Whether it’s a rabbit you want for a penetration-clit massage combo, or a vibrating butt plug, there’s a toy out there for you. You could get a vibrating dildo, such as the Echo, for use with a strap-on harness but many women said that whatever form their vibrator takes, they usually end up using it on their clit. If that’s sounds like you, you could try a best-seller is the Wittle wabbit tickler.

6. Tribadism

Tribadism“Scissoring”, “clipping”, “bumping donuts”, “clit-clatting”, “pussy grinding”, “mashing cookies”, “touching tacos”, “clam jousting”, “fur trading” – whatever you want to call it, it’s popular. One way to really spice up this position is the addition of a double-ended dildo. This allows mutual penetration promoting simultaneous orgasms and g-spot stimulation. Something simple such as the Doppeltest lottchen is extremely effective but there are variations you can try, such as dildos with vertebrae and dildos with different textures.

7. Restraining

You don’t have to be a hardcore S&M fiend to enjoy a little restraint in bed. Handcuffs are most couples’ favourite, but they can prove of little effect if you only have one pair or have a bed lacking convenient handcuff points. For those reasons I recommend Rachel’s Bed Spread with Cuffs. You wrap two nylon straps around your mattress, clip on some padded velcro cuffs and suddenly anyone with a modest budget can transform their bed into an amateur fantasy dungeon.

8. Ice play

A little ice can really heat things up. If it’s the cold sensation that you like then you could try a glass dildo. These can usually be put in the fridge or freezer beforehand to lower the temperature and are available across a wide price range. You can pay up to $300 for something like the Inside Out Filligrino Shaft Glass Dildo but the more modestly priced Pure pleasure Glass probe by Topco is more than satisfying.

9. Strap-on sex

Strap-on SexIt may not be the most spontaneous sex act but the variety of positions strap-on sex opens up makes it a favourite. These days strap-on harnesses are available for the thigh, chin, chest and many other parts of the body, as well as the less ridiculous pelvic harness. Because a lot of us would be quite perturbed by a phallus protruding from the forehead, I recommend a good traditional harness such as the Jaguar with a curved silicone dildo such as the Leo. It’s available in a variety of colours and vegan, for those of us who prefer to avoid leather.

10. Sensory Deprivation

Removing one sense is believed to heighten the others. The most popular example being blind-folding. Eden Fantasys offer a variety of suitable accessories ranging from girlie blindfolds to leather hoods so you can choose a product to suit the ambience you wish to create.

So as you can see, there are more than enough sexual avenues to explore without spending a penny, but sex toys can add that extra spice or rescue a sex life that might otherwise be on the rocks. There are enough adult goods on the market to keep even the most creative couples occupied.


5 Responses to “Sex Toys to Compliment the Top 10 Lesbian Sex Acts”

  1. Moris Says:

    Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed this post even though, I’m a man. Liked the doll pics – great idea for illustration. There is a lot of new information for me in this post. Sort of – the news from the other side of the moon! Thank you.

  2. essinem Says:

    Barbies = AMAZING. That just rocked my world šŸ˜‰

  3. xvgoz iewg Says:

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  5. Varadmicalisa Says:

    A strange hopelessness threatened underneath the pleasant thrum of release, but he fought it off. Savous crushed Hyles mouth with his, bearing the shorter man down to the ground. You dont need help. Brevin stood, another cloth in hand. Fingers digging into his hips, she pushed herself away from him. She took a deep breath, assessing. Suddenly shy, Eyrhaen stared at the crimson and midnight pattern in the rug. He cupped her chin, gazing into her eyes. Her tears mingled with the oils that slowly dried from Hyles skin. I could have been right! Her lip curled, and she shoved at his chest. She startled badly when hands closed over her shoulders from behind. Lanthans grip eased on her wrists, only to be replaced by Tykirs hold. He stroked gentle fingertips along her jaw. Then, when she started babbling, begging for more, he picked up speed. She collapsed into a gooey, shuddering heap. While it was always nice, it never before gave her a physical reaction. What would you have done if she hadnt reacted? His strange eyes grew intent. Its so much more convenient.

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