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Word of the Week: Come/Cum June 25, 2008

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I’m really torn on this one. I know people who fully embrace the colloquial term “cum” and use it freely. It’s a slang version of an established term, and that alone is perfectly acceptable by my standards. After all, language has to progress somehow. But, ‘cum’ always catches my eye in text, and something about it continues to bother me. Often, one is the action and one is the fluid- “she came on his chest and left cum on him”- though sources vary as to which is which. I continue notice and question the interchangeable use of these spellings. So, this post will be about the meaning of these two words, and how (I think) it doesn’t make sense to conflate them into one term.

‘Come’ didn’t achieve its current sexual use until the 20th century, and popular use not until the later half of the century. (more…)


Top 3 Picks June 24, 2008

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Without further ado (or any ado, really, since I’m not feeling clever today), this week’s top three picks:

1. LovingBookworm wrote a very detailed review about Pink Plush Ankle Cuffs (to match her Pink Handcuffs, which we also carry!). It’s refreshing and rare to see inexpensive leather cuffs- such an improvement over metal ones.

2. From new reviewer Red Roulette, a good run-down of a basic masturbation sleeve.

3. Good discussion of a Comstock Film offering, Marie and Jack, from Devilbluedress. There seems to be a wide range of opinion on this new documentary-style porn. What do those of you who’ve seen any films like this think?

In case you want more to think about, this story about legal protection for good (read: equal, non-objectifying) sex in Ecuador is interesting. It failed, of course, but what an idea- use the law to demand equal pleasure.


Work of the Week: Cock June 18, 2008

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To balance out last week’s word (though the post was sadly lacking the picture I created to compare the Vulva puppet to the small spaces between oil barrels), this week I’ll tell you about the myriad applications of ‘cock’– linguistically-speaking, of course.

  • We commonly call roosters cocks, but in fact any avian male may be referred to as the cock. In fact, this usage may also be the best indicator of the roots of this word- it’s thought to be derived from the same root as chicken. Many other historical usages that have fallen out of popularity now arise from the definition of cock as a rooster or bird: “cock of the game” (in the literal sense); “first cock, second cock” and so on as a time indicator; a “weather-cock.”
  • A number of different types of taps or valves are named ____cock. Fitting, since taps/valves are used to drain/fill/leak liquid (or gas) from one area to another. “Stop-cock” comes to mind- this is a valve used specifically to stop or restrict the flow of liquid through a pipe.
  • Parts of a clock are known as the ____cock- for example, a back cock supports the pendulum. Various other mechanical parts (of a plough or balance, for example) that serve as counterweight or balancing mechanisms are also called cocks.
  • Familiar terms indicating people in various positions, like “cock of the walk” for the head of chief (whether real or imagined) of some group.

So, we have male birds, things that liquid flow through– though the OED claims that “the connexion of some of these with this word is doubtful,” I sure see it– and things that stand up or balance in various ways. And it just goes on from there… maybe I’ll do a second installment with some of the less- common phrases that include ‘cock.’


Top Picks- Comic and Creative June 16, 2008

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A good sex toy review needs to be thorough, of course, but sometimes simple humor and creative application (so to speak) will really add to the reading experience. In honor of that, this week’s picks:

In his excellent review of the Feeldoe Slim, Jimbo Jones reminds us that toys don’t have to be limited to their intended use, or even gender designation (if they have one…). The Feeldoe may have been designed with women in mind, but anyone looking for a slightly different penetration experience (of any sort) can appreciate this double.

A good review of a mediocre (at least, to her) product by Maria. While this g-spot toy may have missed it’s mark for our reviewer, she told us exactly why, and amused me that morning with the idea of toy-cheating.

Last, but not least, a write-up of Anticipation, erotica designed to appeal to women, by Library Girl. I’ll be honest, it was the comparison of a penis to an out-of-control fire hose that shot this review into the top 3.


Word of the Week: Cunt June 10, 2008

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Ok, so this is a charged one. Politically, socially, sexually, throwing “cunt” out there always raises some eyebrows and tempers. But I’m just here to offer some interesting history to the meaning and usage of cunt, sans political commentary.

Cunt was, and remains, a term for female genital organs. It has roots in the Germanic word kunta/kunton. There is also speculation about a relationship to the Latin cunnus, which means vulva, and related Latin words such as cuneatus— wedge-shaped. In its original usage, cunt was simply a neutral term for the genitals; derogatory usage did not become common until the 13th century. One of my favorite tidbits from the Wikipedia page:

“Gropecunt Lane” was originally a street of prostitution, indicating a middle ages red light district… In some locations, the former name has been Bowdlerised, as in the City of York, to the more acceptable “Grape Lane.”

I think we’re all familiar with the various colorful applications of this word in colloquial language. More interesting are some off-topic uses of cunt that generally refer to a space:

In nautical terms, a cuntline is the space between two casks.
A cunt lead in the hot-metal printing industry describes a small interline gap.
Cunt hair refers to a very small distance between two points.

I’m seeing a theme here…


Bringing the Classics Back June 9, 2008

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The weekly roundup is back in business, albeit a little delayed.

First, an excellent reminder that BDSM on a budget is possible, and can hold up to rigorous activity: an excellent review from one of our newer contributors on a beginner’s kit.

In a similar vein, this review reminded me of the value of small toys. I generally find myself with size queens, but even those of us who don’t think bigger=better can enjoy the pleasures of a good small silicone cock.

Last, but not least, I want to mention a couple recent reviews of condoms. It’s always nice to hear that condoms are not only effective birth control, but also incorporated into the experience as sex toys themselves. I have yet to use specially-designed condoms on silicone cocks, but it’s something I’ve thought about and these reviews reminded me to pursue that curiosity.


The Other Kind of Intimate: Doctor-Patient Relationships June 5, 2008

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I’m lucky enough to have a doctor who takes everything in stride, from my mundane questions about illnesses to curiosity about a connection between fisting and UTIs to my offhand comments like, “oh, I branded myself there.” I realize this is a rare comfort; this article made me wonder how other people handle those easy and not-so-easy doctor visits and probing questions. What about multiple partners, bdsm play, and the like? It seems these awkward doctor encounters could also lead to some hot fantasy…

Stories, suggestions?

While we’re on the medical subject, check out what this scientist is doing in pursuit of a more clinical understanding of the sex act (hetero PIV, at least). Or, skip that long explanation and just see some cool graphics.