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Word of the Week: Vanilla July 31, 2008

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A couple things come to my mind when I hear this word- flavor (as in vanilla extract) and race. Vanilla sex is a widely misunderstood phrase, and its meaning changes depending on which sexual subculture employs it. Just like ‘kinky’, vanilla has a slightly different meaning for everyone. For example, I might call pegging vanilla, whereas I’m sure some of you would not agree. (more…)


Review Roundup July 28, 2008

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1. The Mini G Rock seems to have a popularity that precedes it, based on what those in the know about the inner workings of the review program have told me- lots of requests for this toy. Does it live up to its fame? Find out what new reviewer Cobalt Clouds had to say about it. 

2. I think I’ll let Spiking Glue speak for her own review here: “Half the time I hate her, half the time I love her, she’s my pink bitch’.” If that wasn’t enough to make you want to read her review of the Sugar Drop, how about this: “I just… I wanted to fuck her like a dirty monkey…”? Makes me want to go read the review all over again. 

3. Follow Ice Ice Baby through her learning process with Bendybeads.The question of using silicone lube with high-end silicone toys came up again in this review; she was kind enough to risk the integrity of these silicone beads and experiment, with good results!

Also, Essin’ Em had the pleasure of attending Thunder in the Mountains, one of the larger BDSM conferences in the country, this past weekend. Check back for the 4-part blog series about her experience. First installment tomorrow.


Word of the Week: Frottage July 23, 2008

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For starters, I’m not talking here about the nonconsensual act of rubbing one’s genitals against an unsuspecting stranger. That’s actually ‘frotteurism’, though both words are related to the French verb frotter, to rub. Frotteur is the French noun for ‘one who rubs’; hence, frotteurism. Which I don’t endorse, it’s creepy and weird and nonconsensual, in case you missed that the first time I said it.

Moving on, frottage is the (perfectly consensual, and safe!) act of rubbing the genitals on any part of a partner’s body (genital or non-genital region). It is done clothed, naked, in a car, on the dance floor… Frottage is distinguished from irrumatio in being a more general rubbing activity, whereas the latter indicates a couple specific body part arrangements (see my post on irrumatio). However, frottage is also an art technique. (more…)


Weekly Review Roundup: Poetics Abound July 21, 2008

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I don’t have any creative introduction to this week’s review roundup for you… I’ll leave that to Dame Demi, who wrote a sonnet for the Hitachi in our forum this week.

Hitachi Sonnet

Hitachi Magic Wand, I sing thy praise!
For thou hast given me so much delight!
Alone…with other toys…in many ways
You’ve brought me pleasure in the dark of night!
Thou might be hard to clean, and make much noise,
And some would grouse thou only hast two speeds,
But oh! You out-perform a room of boys
With your delightful, most orgasmic deeds!
Your soft and thrumming head I do adore,
That leathery, bendy, vibing tennis ball!
It always leave me wanting more and more!
You have attachments, and I want them all!
Hitachi, I must give you, if you please,
Five stars, five vrooms, and just as many bees.


On that note-

1. I didn’t think it could be done, but kinkyshay‘s review of the Hitachi actually gave me a renewed sense of appreciation for this toy (as did the lovely poem above).

2. Another reminder of the classics, Raising the Stakes explains exactly why a simple cock ring is still worth it.

3. Just in case any of you didn’t see this review yet- Bulma‘s tragic, yet hilarious, experience with yet another sensation gel strengthened my belief that those lubes/gels/whathaveyou have no place in my house.


Toys for the Weekend July 18, 2008

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When you have a little more time to muse over some new inventions (and maybe fantasize about adding them to your collection), check these out:

1. The eyedildo, a nine inch acrylic dildo complete with a color camera and LED lighting in the tip, so you can explore deeper recesses of your partner’s body. It runs on AA batteries and hooks up to the television for better viewing. Though the website is a little unpolished (“Explore all the areas you’ve only dreamed of: Labia, Clitoris…” Last time I checked, the labia and clitoris were still visible to the naked eye. And yes, I know that the clitoris is partly internal, but not in a way that allows for camera penetration) there is an entertaining how-to video. I could see this toy adding a new dimension to medical play.

2. Though I’m (happily) removed from the wave of Wii sweeping the nation, I would make an exception to play with the new Wiibrator. It comes with two attachments (for male and female parts) and is a two-player game. Hm, orgasm control anyone? See a (kind of confusing) video complete with hand-motion demonstration here.

A whole host of other tech-inspired toys were just showcased at the Adult Novelty Expo. Check out Regina Lynn’s roundup (the Power Bullet looks like the answer to all bullet failures everywhere, except for its size).


Word of the Week: Play July 17, 2008

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I’m forgoing my usual format this week to write fairly self-serving, though still linguistically-bent, post about the term ‘play’ as used in the leather scene. For those of you not familiar with this, play is the accepted and commonly-used term for any BDSM interaction (scene), sexual or not- play might refer to just a few minutes of flogging someone, or hours of a complex scenario that involves multiple types of stimulation/pain and orgasm. While it’s certainly useful to have a term to refer to kinky encounters that aren’t necessarily sexual (where ‘sex’ or any associated slang terms are not appropriate), I have a personal distaste for the word ‘play’ as this term.



Simple Pleasures- This Week’s Picks July 14, 2008

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Sometimes, simple is best. Simple touches and obvious items can add more thrill to your sexual adventures than overly complicated toys. Three great examples for this week’s roundup:

1. The Tiger, a basic Fun Factory dildo with some extra ridges. The head ridge on a cock can feel so good, so I think adding a few more of those all the way down the length of the shaft was a brilliant plan. Hotflashes & Wetdreams thought so too.

2. Condoms. Trojan extended pleasure, to be exact. No fancy pouches, bumps, extender heads to be had here, just a basic condom with a little extra lube. D of DandE isn’t too shy to share his appreciation of the prolonging lube.

3. Ryder butt plug, possibly the best basic, good-for-beginners butt plug ever designed. Praise for this plug is mounting; in addition to that great review by Calico, it received another good write-up this week from Bulma. I’m about to get one myself, and I don’t even make a habit of sticking things in my ass.