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Sex and Pregnancy August 30, 2008

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Or, When Your Man Has an Affair With His Left Hand…

This is the first installment of a serialized article by Militant Ginger – rolandhulme.blogspot.com.

Let’s be brutally honest about sex and pregnancy. For most men, their partner’s curvy ‘pregnancy’ body is wildly sexy and beautiful. There’s something sensual and uninhibited about making love to a pregnant woman and many men remember ‘pregnant sex’ as some of the best of their relationship.

But pregnancy is also very disruptive to a ‘regular’ sex life- when one partner’s ‘in the mood’ the other sometimes isn’t. Women can feel exhausted or self-conscious, while men can find the whole pregnancy thing unsettling. Nothing wilts an erection faster than feeling a baby give a disgruntled kick mid-coitus! The fact is, there are plenty of occasions during a nine-month pregnancy when a man is left sexually frustrated; even more following the birth, when doctors recommend a six-week break before Mom can resume sexual activity.

Now, I’ve read dozens of articles about how pregnancy affects a couple’s sex life – but none of them have been brave enough to address one topic: discovering their partner masturbating. Nobody ever discusses this rather embarrassing topic, which means many women are horrified when they find their husband or boyfriend ‘taking care of business’ without them.

Pregnancy is an emotional enough experience already! Finding out that a husband masturbates in secret leads most women to worry that they no longer find them attractive – or that it is a precursor to them satisfying their sexual needs elsewhere. But wives and girlfriends don’t need to worry. All husbands and boyfriends masturbate occasionally – especially when a couple’s sex life undergoes the upheaval of pregnancy. It is very common, people just never talk about it. That’s where the problems start. It’s time to address this problem head on and learn more from a male perspective.


Blogger Love August 29, 2008

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I’ve been spending some time lately catching up with the amazing group of bloggers EF’s review program is graced with. Sure, you probably all know about Essin’ Em, AAG, and maybe one or two others, but I bet there are a good few or more you haven’t noticed yet. As I don’t have a blog myself, I have some time to peruse the blogs (sex-related and other) proliferating on the internet these days. Sorry, that wasn’t meant to sound so poetic. So, I’ll be doing a weekly roundup of sorts, highlighting some of the best, or funniest, or whatever-the-hell-I-want-to-show, blog posts from reviewers.

Alright, so this one isn’t exactly current, but it’s funny enough that I had to share it. This is why I warn over and over about not sticking things in your butt that aren’t meant to go in there. And Medusa didn’t even break that rule! I know she linked to this story in her review, but hey, I wasn’t around yet and I’m sure someone else missed that too.

I found this post linked by Ellie Lumpesse, who also has an excellent podcast- check it out! I’ve been reading up on her ‘Musings on Masculinity‘ series, myself. Back the the original link though — it’s an excellent reminder for anyone who believes themselves to be sex-positive that there’s some added responsibility that comes with the fun.

That’s all for today. Coming up tomorrow: the first installment of a series about masturbation and pregnancy by Militant Ginger.


SaSi- Upping The Bar For Human Sex Partners Everywhere August 28, 2008

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The SaSi is, perhaps, the beginning of a new generation of smarter vibrators. Vibrators that are actually machines, not just motors with batteries. Why? Well, it remembers what you like. I find this hard to imagine, but knowing how far computer technology has come it’s not that hard to believe. Basically, it is pre-programmed with 5 different motion settings. It has two modes- random and ‘learn’ mode. In learn mode, SaSi will change from one movement to another; if you don’t like one, skip it. If you do, press another button to keep it there. Next time you turn it on, it will remember what you skipped, what you liked, and change its pattern accordingly.

Sasi is unique not just for the memory component, but also because of the kind of motion it offers- a nub that simulates a finger moving around, rather than just vibrating (though it does that too). The medical grade silicone sleeve is removable in two pieces (fascia and cover), for better cleaning or if you want to change colors of one or both sides.

No longer a Babeland exclusive, we got the toy in just before its UK/Europe launch in the fall.

“Just like a good partner,” according to Je Joue’s site, “SaSi gives a different experience every time whilst still incorporating the movements you like best.” Wouldn’t that be novel. There might finally be something to that whole ridiculous fear of being replaced by toys.

For a more visual explanation of this remarkable toy, check out Fleshbot’s video demonstration.

Edited 8/29 to add: Also see Bulma’s review!


This Week’s Picks August 26, 2008

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Genkigirl proves that these nipple clamps are not just decorative in her review (I kinda thought they were).

I can’t agree with her on the choice of sex toy material, but Miss Cinnamon wrote an excellent review of the G-spot Tickler.

Sometimes the discussion is as good as the article- so was the case for Bulma’s review of an o-ring set. Her review was excellent as always, but I was more interested in the resulting comments about cock ring usage.


Word of the Week: Klismaphilia August 21, 2008

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This is not an interest I have, but it’s a fun word to say (try it!). Klismaphilia is essentially an enema fetish- it denotes the experience of sexual pleasure from thinking about or actually receiving an enema. It’s classified as a paraphilia; depending on who you ask, that means either sexual dependency, unhealthy obsession, or simply nontraditional sexual fantasies/behavior. (more…)


Back With a Bang Roundup August 19, 2008

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… A vibrating bang, that is. I know you missed me. I’ve been out of town (in more than one destination) for the past week. Here again though, bringing you the top 3 reviews for vibrating toys (I know a majority of toys fall into this category, but it’s more interesting with a theme, m’k).

1. Doc Johnson and Vivid teamed up to design the offspring of two rabbit vibes- the Vivid Bunny. This review by Sin Secret makes me think the toy achieved the good part of those dual vibes- good clit stimulation.

2. It bends, it vibrates, it as bumps- AND it feels good. According to LubedMuse, at least. Their review: “A cicada as opposed to a giant bullfrog”. Go read the rest.

3. Hey everyone, a vibrating cock ring that works! I do appreciate the name of the toy too. Both members of coupling couple were happy with the vibrating abilities of this item. Don’t take my word for it, take theirs.


Weekly Roundup August 11, 2008

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This week’s picks:

1. Lara nailed it when she said “absence does indeed make the heart grow (a little) bit fonder” in her review of the Lucid Dream No. 28. Hate that new toy? Throw it in a box for a year, maybe it’ll be better second time around.

2. Maybe it’s because I’m in my way to the airport (and share pornojo101‘s opinion), but I really enjoyed this review of smut.

3. Programmable vibrator. Fascinating. Check out BlueEyedBitch‘s review of it here.

I’ll be out of town for a family affair, so your regular Word column most likely won’t be appearing this week. See you next week!