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Weekly Review Roundup September 29, 2008

And, we’re back… with a bang. First pick for this week’s review roundup (and I do admit to being easily swayed here by the idea of someone who can take a cock this large) is by new reviewer Naughty Boy. I hope his serious engagement with the giant will put to bed any beliefs that such items are novelty only. I also hope some better manufacturers get on the large-scale wagon.

Second, TSM, or Misanthrope as he’s now known on EF, gets cozy with a leather hood. If the hilarity in this review isn’t enough for you, I believe he’s writing about it in conjunction with the Flip Hole over at his blog.

This last review pick by Puck is doubling as a public service announcement, because I just know that some of you are not only into playing with toys, but also into home-made porn. So do yourselves a favor and get this book. I know I’m going to.


Sex and Pregnancy, Last Part September 23, 2008

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I’m not as interested in sex as I was before I got pregnant, but I still don’t want my husband to masturbate! What can I do to make sure he doesn’t?

Even after explaining why a husband masturbates, it’s never easy for a woman to accept. Catching your husband or boyfriend looking at pornography can often feel just as hurtful as if he was having a real affair. It often makes women feel like they’re being sexually rejected in favor of fantasy women they could never compete with.

But it’s a fact; all men masturbate.

I think the reason we don’t talk about it is because many women, especially during pregnancy, choose to be deliberately ignorant of their boyfriend or husband ‘taking care of things’ in privacy. That’s sensible enough. When a woman’s not in the mood, giving her partner a little space and privacy will allow him to make sure his needs are met without disturbing hers. But if the thought of your partner masturbating really troubles you, perhaps it’s worth discussing the subject. Be warned, the likelihood of a man admitting (even to his wife) that he masturbates is slim. That’s why most couples seem to avoid talking about the issue. (more…)


Take a break and masturbate

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We’re on a temporary hiatus over here while we figure out the process for moving to our new blog. Bigger (’cause you know I’m a size king) and better are on the way, as well as our regularly scheduled roundups and general sexy fabulousness.


One Sexy Calendar September 21, 2008

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A group of NYC sex-bloggers is putting together a fabulous 2009 calendar with proceeds going to a very good cause, and EF is helping out! We’re providing help with printing and shipping the calendars, and we can’t wait to see the final product.

Check out all the information here, and consider purchasing a calendar with a personalized message on your favorite day. What an excellent holiday gift!


Demystification of the Arousal Lube September 20, 2008

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Warming, cooling, tingling, enhancing, sensitizing, lasting… when I read about any of the wealth of arousal lubes on the market these days, I end up more confused than anything else. How do they do what they do? And how do they do all these things at once? How does something warm, then cool, or cool, then warm? In pursuit of answers, I investigated the makings of Eden’s most popular arousal lubes, and then went for help. Five bloggers – Ansley Agnello, Baby Sinead, Persephone, ~Storm, and Thursday’s Child – will put five lubes through stringent testing, rate them each, and choose the best. But first, a look into what makes these lubes do whatever it is that they do. The lubes in question: Pure Passion, Climax Bursts Aphrodisiac Enhanced, ID Pleasure, Wet Heating Massage Lotion and, the dark horse pick, JO Clitoris Stimulation Gel. The key ingredients:

1. Menthol: Present in three of our contestants (and numerous other sensation lubes), this is the same substance that gives Vicks Vaporub, Tiger Balm, toothpaste, gum, and some cigarettes their tingly, refreshing sensation.

2. Arginine HCL: Arginine is an amino acid that is considered essential to all mammals. Consumption of L-Arginine (one of the most common forms) has a number of benefits, the most relevant being increased circulation. Interestingly, it’s also been used to treat erectile dysfunction (in combination with other chemical components).

There’s some evidence that consumption of Arginine can exacerbate herpes outbreaks, so people with HSV should avoid this ingredient. Because of this concern, Arginine presence is noted in the safety features of lubicrants on the site; it’s not in four of the lubes in question.

3. Herbs: Panax quinquefolium (american ginseng) root extract, ginko biloba leaf extract, horny goat weed, wild yam extract, guarana seed extract, damiana extract, and others. We are a nation obsessed with, among other things, herbal remedies, enhancements, and so on. Some of these herbs, like horny goat weed, are believed to be aphrodisiacs and also make appearances in various OTC libido enhancement supplements. Some are sold as supplements for other purposes. I’m going to leave the speculation about what these and other herbs do for arousal and sensation alone, and let the testing speak for itself.

Five bloggers, five lubes. Which goo will come out on top?


Word of the Week: Cisgender September 18, 2008

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The Latin root cis means ‘on the same side’ (in contrast to the Latin root trans, which means across or beyond). Gender comes from the Latin genus – kind, sort or class. So, cisgender refers to a gender identity/presentation that matches (is on the same side as) one’s assigned sex, or someone who’s not transgendered. The word was created to be a complement to the term transgender, and as a better alternative to saying ‘biological’ or ‘genetic’ man/woman when distinguishing a non-transgendered individual.

Gender was historically used to simply indicate different types of things, and this has persisted in modern usage, to a degree. For example, connectors and fasteners used in electrical/mechanical trades are gendered male or female. The difference between older usage and these modern ones is that now, those assignments are made in direct analogy to genitalia — the piece with something that protrudes is male, while the piece with a corresponding hole/indentation is female. Gender is also used linguistically: some languages have grammatical gender that assigns a gender to every noun, not always in correlation with the meaning of the word.



Sex and Pregnancy, Part 4 September 16, 2008

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Next week- the final installment!

I was feeling very turned on last night, but my husband didn’t make the moves on me. Then, after I went to bed, he stayed up and I suspect he masturbated. Why didn’t he make the effort to seduce me instead?

The reason married men masturbate has nothing to do with finding their partners unattractive. Sometimes, sex while pregnant can just be unsettling for a man. He still adores you and finds you beautiful and sexy, but the bumps and kicks emerging from your pregnant belly can occasionally make the intimacy of sex seem wrong – like there’s a third person in bed with you (and not in the way he fantasizes about!)

Don’t be surprised to find your husband totally insatiable and into your sexy, pregnant body one minute, then unresponsive the next. He has to put up with your mood swings. It’s only fair you do the same in return! (more…)