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Porn Star Series: Morgan Dayne November 25, 2008

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Eden Fantasys presents the next round in our weekly series of interviews of todays best stars of the adult film industry. Kristen from Hot Movies gave another great Q & A. This week she talks to Morgan Dayne but too bad her plan to get yet another starlet drunk has failed again as Morgan made it clear she doesn’t drink. Check out the interview for more good advice if you are new to the business, her tips for pleasing a partner and the scoop on her favorite past projects as well as her new upcoming film.

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Thanks again to Kristen from Hot Movies. Maybe she will have better luck with our next starlet, well at least she got to see a little more of Morgan than she anticipated. If you are interested in exploring your more submissive side like Morgan suggest please check out Eden Fantasys — maybe these suggestions can get things started for you.

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Porn Star Series: ICON Star Hillary Scott November 19, 2008

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This week Kristen of Hot Movies has a great interview with ICON Star Hillary Scott. She talks open and candidly about her love of anal sex and gives great tips for those just trying it for the first time. She also dishes the dirt on her favorite star in the biz and which country produces the “the best lovers in the world”

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For those of you looking to take Hillary Scott’s advice. Here are a few starters.

SensaFirm dildo and butt plug kitAnal kit for beginners with vibrating probe and anal beadsSmall stainless steel anal plug with handle.

Stay Tuned For More Great Interviews From Eden Fantasys & Hot Movies


Blog Roundup November 14, 2008

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What can I say, there’s too much to do and not enough time. But I was particularly inspired to get this post up today when I came across J.D. Bauchery’s HM4h post on giving the perfect handjob. It was her rant about ‘foreplay’ being equally as valid/important a sex act as the ‘act’ (intercourse, traditionally) itself. Fuck, yes. That’s all I have to say about that. Oh, there are some pretty damn good tips for handjobs too.

I do love a glimpse into the internal dialogue of a relationship, not just of one partner. Finn, of Storm’s blog, provided just that this week. Well, I’m sure he was mostly just trying to get laid again, but his sheepish remorse in a public forum probably accomplished that nicely.

And, I’m overwhelmed with all the other posts I’ve missed in recent weeks, so I’ll leave you with those. Go learn how to give good handjobs to anyone with a cock, flesh or otherwise.


Porn Star Series: Asa Akira November 12, 2008

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This week, Kristen of Hot Movies chats with rising porn star Asa Akira. Find out who in the industry she’s afraid to have sex with. Poor Kristen, last time she was well on her way to bagging the interviewee before the camera went off, and this time Asa tells her she can’t even take her out, get her drunk, and take her home (Asa doesn’t drink). Oh well, there are 10 more to go! She’s bound to get lucky with one of them.

That means porn star interviews for you all through the holiday season, so check back every Tuesday for a little pick-me-up (if you hate this time of year half as much as I do, you’ll need it!) What’s that you say? It’s not Tuesday anymore? I know, there were technical difficulties yesterday, but here is the lovely Asa.

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Contest Time! November 11, 2008

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Hi, everybody!

I’m Matthew, the new Chief Editor/Grand Poohbah for the EdenFantasys Guides section. But feel free to call me Mr. Superlove. Or Dickface. I’ll usually answer to either.

Currently, I’m working on putting together a series of Holiday Shopping Guides – but alas, I have no worker-elves, and Santa’s holding out on that new batch of Hitachis. Never trust your sexual wares to a large man garbed in red felt. No good can come of it.

Well, almost no good. Because my stunning lack of vision is your – yes, YOUR gain! Now we need your help! What sex toy would YOU most want this Holiday season?

To answer that question, we at EdenFantasys are starting up a new Holiday-themed contest – open to ALL members of the EdenFantasys community. It’s a pretty simple one – if you could receive any sex toy for the Holidays, what would it be, and why?

Your submission should start with that idea, “what I want most this Holiday season…”

Or, you could change it up a bit, to suit your own style…

“On the first day of Christmas, my poly-vee leather-dominant submissive non-binary Nth (there is no truth!) love gave to me…”

But! There’s more! There will be three – count ’em down with me – 1, 2, 3 – winning entries selected by a blue-ribbon panel of literati intelligentsia, out of work fluffers, and the ghost of Christmas past (who’s cranky because in his non-corporeal state, he can’t use his new Flip Hole).

Those three winning entrants will see their work put on-site in EdenFantasys’ Holiday Shopping Guide ’08 – ANNNNND win a prize:

First Prize: $100

Second Prize: $75

Third Prize: $50

Prizes will be paid via check or PayPal.

Submissions should be sent to EFContest@gmail.com. The deadline date for submissions is Sunday, November 30, aught-eight. Winners will be announced on Friday, December 5, still in the year aught-eight.

Be creative. Be specific. Be grammatically sound; or at least, be in the vicinity of the goal-line. Be fun. Have fun. Toy around. And get your toy on!


Weekly Review Roundup: Tails Up

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Anyone familiar with Foxxy Kitty’s reviews should know why this particular toy was a perfect match for her. I mean, what better than the Pleasure Periscope for someone who revels in talking about her body in the explicit way that Foxxy does? To read all about it in great detail, check out her review.

It’s an ass day, clearly. Red Roulette submitted what I think is by far his best work yet, a tale of reaming his tail. That is, his wife gently penetrated him with this large butt plug.

Ice Ice Baby finally turns to the world of silicone for her anal adventures. As she put it: “I thought if so many people were sticking things in their assholes there must be something to it? right?” The Severin butt plug (which sounds more intimidating than it is) served her well.

Speaking of butts, look at this: a robotic walking assist device that attaches to your butt!


Porn Star Series: Casey Parker November 4, 2008

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I’m already anxiously reloading the CNN page to watch the first results roll in (as of this writing, only KY and VT are determined), and I’m sure you are too…what better way to take a break from the drama of waiting on election results than by checking out another porn star interview?

This week, a newer addition to the adult industry, Casey Parker, talks about her various Shane’s World experiences, including a mention of her first girl-on-girl anal fisting experience, and possibly grabs Kristen’s (of Hot Movies for Her) crotch. Lucky Kristen. Check it out:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1438827&dest=-1]

As Kristen says in her post of the interview, I’m pretty sure Casey is crazy. In a good way.