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Searching EdenFantasys.com forums July 29, 2010

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Uploading a Video July 27, 2010

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How to request a Student Assignment (Mentor Program) July 22, 2010

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Question: Hi! I am a Mentor, and I want to request an assignment for my Student. How do I do this?

Answer: You send me your request!

  • Step 02: Look for an appropriate item to request for your student, that is available, and is $30 or less in cost.
  • Step 03: Find the product code for the item (or items) that you want to request. It may be better to pick out a few alternative items just in case your first choice cannot be assigned.
  • Step 04: Send an email to me (Gary) at partners@edenfantasys.com that contains your students name, and the product code(s) for the assignment.
  • Step 05: Wait for your confirmation. After I receive your email, I will create the assignment and then reply to let you know that the assignment has been created. If there are any problems creating the assignment, I will also email you back to discuss the problem.

Off site review widgets

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Do you want a cool widget like this on your off site reviews?

product picture
Storage container by BMS Enterprises
Material: Vinyl / Metal / Suede


Account Setup July 20, 2010


Requesting a Free Assignment July 19, 2010

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There are quite a few options, features, programs, and resources to take in when first joining the EF Community. On a daily basis I get questions from the newly Advanced Contributors about free assignments. Sometimes they are under the impression that they have to wait to be assigned toys, other times they are a little confused by the process of requesting their very first assignment, either way today’s tutorial will make this process easy for you all to understand! 🙂

Step 01:

You must be an Advanced Contributor to request a free assignment. If you are not yet an Advanced Contributor, please check out the Mentor Program, or the Review Program Guidelines for instructions on how to become an Advanced Contributor.

Step 02:

Log in to your Contributor account and go to the Product Search.

Step 03:

Once you had found an available toy that you would like to review, simply click on the ‘Request Product for Review’  button for that product. This places the item in your assignment cart.

Step 04:

If you are done looking around and want to submit your review request, you can then click on the link for ‘Submit Request In Assignment Cart’. This will re-direct you to your Assignment Cart.

Step 05:

Here you will see all of the items you have placed in your Assignment Cart. To submit your assignment request for any one of these items, click on the ‘Request Assignment’

Step 06:

Here you can select what type of assignment you are requesting, and also the location of where you will be hosting your review. After selecting assignment type & location, click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 07:

Now you wait to see if for your assignment request gets approved. It has been successfully submitted to the administrator for approval.


Product Search July 16, 2010

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