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Top 3 Questions August 17, 2010

Filed under: Frequently Asked Questions,Review Program — mrsauce @ 10:32 AM

Hi Everyone!

Instead of the usual screen shots this week, I wanted to address some of the most common questions we get regarding the review program and assignments in general:

“How long do I have to wait between requesting assignments?”

For EdenFantasys sponsored reviews, you have to wait 30 days between assignments. If you got approved to do a review on 8/17, you’d have to wait until 9/16 (30 days later) to request another assignment. Now, let’s say you did your EdenFantasys sponsored review and want to do another one. You can do a manufacturer sponsored review. These are products that the manufacturer approves Eden to assign for reviews. These are first come, first served reviews with no set limit on frequency. You can only have one out at a time, but once you submit one review you can request another.

“I just got approved on an assignment, but I want to order something too. Can I combine them?”

ABSOLUTELY! Save shipping costs for everyone and combine orders and assignments in the same checkout! How Green of you!

“I just got an assignment in the mail and it is obviously broken. What do I do?”

Contact Gary (gary at edenfantasys.com) and let him know that you got a broken product. You can then choose to either receive a replacement from us (so that you can still write a review) or we can cancel the assignment and you move onto the next product you’d like to review, no harm no foul (the default when there are no replacements available).

“I’ve got a great idea for a tutorial. Who do I tell?”

Send your idea to me (almon at edenfantasys.com) or Gary (gary at edenfantasys.com).


6 Responses to “Top 3 Questions”

  1. Selective Sensualist Says:

    How do you request a manufacturer-sponsored product for review if the products are not yet listed on EF? In other words, how would you know what to even request? I’d love to do manufacturer-sponsored reviews once I am an advanced reviewer, but don’t understand how to go about requesting this.

    Much thanks in advance for any clarification!

  2. Airen Wolf Says:

    Gosh these tutorials are going to be so helpful! Keep up the excellent work.

  3. SexxySarah Says:

    How do you combine your order? I just got three things in the mail and I wasn’t sure how to combine them. Am I missing the answer to this question?

  4. mrsauce Says:

    Quickie Bonus:

    To combine an order with an assignment, you accept the assignment as per usual, this will put the assignment in your cart. Instead of continuing the process, keep shopping around. Pick up a couple things you’ve been looking at or are on your wish list. Put your selections in the cart. Now you can go to your cart (click on the icon at the top of your page). You should see your selections and assignment in the cart. Sign out as per normal.

    Hope that helps!


  5. SexxySarah Says:

    Alright, that was a duh moment for me! lol So, it’s just like any other shopping cart! I just didn’t realize you could do it on assignments because you usually have the option for free shipping! A blonde moment for me!

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