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Blog Roundup November 14, 2008

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What can I say, there’s too much to do and not enough time. But I was particularly inspired to get this post up today when I came across J.D. Bauchery’s HM4h post on giving the perfect handjob. It was her rant about ‘foreplay’ being equally as valid/important a sex act as the ‘act’ (intercourse, traditionally) itself. Fuck, yes. That’s all I have to say about that. Oh, there are some pretty damn good tips for handjobs too.

I do love a glimpse into the internal dialogue of a relationship, not just of one partner. Finn, of Storm’s blog, provided just that this week. Well, I’m sure he was mostly just trying to get laid again, but his sheepish remorse in a public forum probably accomplished that nicely.

And, I’m overwhelmed with all the other posts I’ve missed in recent weeks, so I’ll leave you with those. Go learn how to give good handjobs to anyone with a cock, flesh or otherwise.


Weekly Review Roundup: Tails Up November 11, 2008

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Anyone familiar with Foxxy Kitty’s reviews should know why this particular toy was a perfect match for her. I mean, what better than the Pleasure Periscope for someone who revels in talking about her body in the explicit way that Foxxy does? To read all about it in great detail, check out her review.

It’s an ass day, clearly. Red Roulette submitted what I think is by far his best work yet, a tale of reaming his tail. That is, his wife gently penetrated him with this large butt plug.

Ice Ice Baby finally turns to the world of silicone for her anal adventures. As she put it: “I thought if so many people were sticking things in their assholes there must be something to it? right?” The Severin butt plug (which sounds more intimidating than it is) served her well.

Speaking of butts, look at this: a robotic walking assist device that attaches to your butt!


Weekly Review Roundup November 3, 2008

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As usual, Backseat Boohoo has managed to make something incredibly simple sound pretty exciting. When it comes to condoms, that can only be a good thing. My own sexual predilections don’t often require condom usage, but if and when I need to purchase some, her review of Durex High Sensations has me sold.

Yes, it has a funny name. It also looks more like a modern silicone sculpture than most of the other toys that share its category, but I think that’s a good thing. Couple of Kink thought it was a bit boring, but I love the understated and effective design. This vibrating cock ring actually looks like an Adult toy, not a child’s toy gone wrong, and their couples review shows that it fits the bill.

A new reviewer, EagleFire, wrote a great review of a classic, the Echo. She’s happy with it after every kind of testing possible. ‘Nuff said.


Review Roundup October 27, 2008

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Not everyone seems to have taken to High Eff‘s convoluted, sometimes violent metaphors the way I have. But no matter, I’m enjoying his refreshing reviews and penchant for alien-looking toys, like this masturbation sleeve.

Backseat Boohoo (she’s becoming a regular around here) is getting married. To the TantraBeam. Here’s why. Between her review and the updated pictures show more clearly how this toy goes on, I’m about to get one myself.

Sometimes, books that feature a lovely ass with a thing and high heels on the cover can still surprise you. Or me, at least. Thanks to Domina Doll for sharing what’s inside this provocative compilation.

And, just because it looks nice (or maybe it’s the name), check out this review of the Anal Invader with Cock Cage. Yeah, it’s the name. The toy itself looks like it could snap from the pressure of a particularly strong erection.


Blog Roundup October 24, 2008

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I skipped last week to be away at a day-long sex ed conference, and all kinds of good things cropped up in the ensuing period. Just a reminder for new readers, this is a roundup I do weekly of blogs run by anyone associated with EF (mainly those in the review program). If you’re new to the site and have a blog I haven’t seen yet, leave me a comment! If you’re starting a new blog and have been around for a while, do the same.

For starters, all gay-temptation-fearing men should head over to the Hot Movies For Her blog and watch this video.

Sin Secret has been sharing segments from a friend’s exploration into submission. I’ve been enjoying the reads, but particularly the newest post, which is a letter from her master.

Have I told you about my small crush on Baby Sinead yet? Here’s why (hint: there is a harness on her head, and it’s up on CL). Oh, and here’s why some more (no pictures here, more thoughtful rant).

And, I guess I’ll concede to that-time-of-year; political campaign/voting time, that is. Sinclair Sexsmith kicks off his 8against8 week with a retrospective of sorts on the first lesbian couple to marry in San Francisco after the state’s ban on same-sex marriage was overturned last May. Oh yeah, there was also a debate last week. That’s all over the internet, go read about it somewhere else.


Weekly Review Roundup October 21, 2008

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Sorry it’s a bit late this week, folks, some germy kids gave me the flu at the pumpkin patch this weekend.

A classic book review of an equally classic book, The Story of O, from Lara, one of our more established reviewers (and a personal favorite of mine).

Another toy–vibrating anal beads–that I likely wouldn’t take a second (or even first) look at, but Backseat Boohoo‘s review of them could make me reconsider. Mainly because she talks about being a butt slut, though.

One of my favorite things to read in a review is how someone develops relationships with their sex toys. Crystal Rose talks about her on-again, off-again affair with a basic bullet vibe in her very first review, “Love to Hate Ya, Baby.


Review Roundup October 13, 2008

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I am tired and busy today, so here are some good reviews. Go read them. Leave me alone.

Trixxy, a new reviewer, on the Onye. Really, there’s one line of this review that caught my attention and earned its place here. Can you guess which one?

Ariane checks out one of Pipedream’s silicone vibes. To address an issue in her review again (because it’s important), no, TPR silicone is not the same as medical grade silicone. Silicone itself is a medical grade material, but is not a magic substance when mixed with other, less awesome materials. Porosity is porosity.

Lastly, a special shout out to Heartthrob for this review on a light BDSM kit, even though it’s over a week old. Why? Because I missed the boat last week when I was writing this post and forgot to include it. And, more to the point, because she dominated herself with the kit. As she put it. “…you’re at your own tantalizing mercy.” I love it.