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-Become a Reviewer July 21, 2010

So you would like to become a member of the EdenFantasys Review Community? Signing up has never been easier. Let me show how in 4 easy steps.

Step 01:

Your first step in becoming an EdenFantasys Reviewer is to go to EdenFantasys.com. Once there, on the right side of the homepage you will see a link that says Join Us, click on this link.

Step 02:

On this page you will see all of the great programs and resources that are available to you under the EdenFantasys umbrella. Underneath the header, on the right side, you will the Eden Reviews box. Inside this box you are gonna want to click on the link that says Join review program and get free toys

Step 03:

On this page you will find of the the review program, and how to get started. After you are done reading through the page, you can click on the EdenFantasys Account.

Step 04a:

You can sign up for an account one of two ways. If you already have a Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or AOL account, you can connect directly through that account. All of your account info will transfer to your new EF account. You also have the option of using the same screen name and avatar, or you can select a new name and avatar for your EF account. This decision is totally up to you.

Step 04b:

If you do no have, or simply do not want to connect through Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or AOL, you can also just register an account directly by clicking on the Register in One Simple Step button. You will then need to select a Username, a Password, Confirm your Password, fill in your E-mail (this is optional, and then hit the Create Account button. That’s it! Welcome to the Community!

Congratulations on Successfully Joining the EdenFantasys Community! So what’s next?

– First I would suggest that you checkout your Contributor Dashboard. This is your central hub to access all the various parts of your account.

– Next I highly recommend that you look at the Review Program Guideline. This will explain to you how everything works.

– After that here are a few tutorials that you might find useful: Account Setup this walks you through completing all of your basic account setup. Product Search and Requesting a Free Assignment will both come in handy once you become and advanced contributor.


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